chang xing yu shun textile company
Company Profile
Zhejiang Changxing Yushun Textile was established in 2016. The company has a variety of textile equipment including coffee machine, cannonball machine, water jet loom and jacquard loom, and has a one-stop grey-cloth production line.In 2017, production lines for deep processing, printing and dyeing and bedding products, home textiles and home textile accessories were added.Is the real textile through-train service.Our companys main products are: Oxford cloth, peach skin velvet, color ding cloth, five United States satin, eight United States satin, spring elegant textile, bath curtain cloth, curtain cloth, terylene, cotton cloth, long wool cotton, and other fabrics also support to sample custom.The company adheres to the production principle of customers, quality and employees.Welcome new and old customers to negotiate.thank you